Online entry system

Our online entry system in association with Zooza

Each time an event requiring online entries is put on our website it creates an Event Page on the Zooza site, which provides all the information for
your event, show title, date, venue, contact information, sponsors, various activities etc. with built-in social networking capabilities for exhibitors to
share worldwide.
Using Zooza, the exhibitor only enter their dog details once, and then we store it all in a central database. Now, all those details are ready to go
when you need it, and registering for that event is just a point and click away. Once they have entered an event on Zooza they will get weekly
newsletters advising them of new shows to enter and reminders of entries which are about to close.  Using the E-commerce feature of the system the Club can use this page to offer any item they wish to advertise or sell e.g. Seminar tickets, Year, Books, rosette donations, food etc. There is no cost to the club for having online entries but we do charge a handling fee to the exhibitor of 70p, plus the finance processing charge.
With increasing postage costs, sending out schedules and receiving entries with cheques will be a thing of the past, now everything can be done
online using a computer and web-browser. For those exhibitors who don't like to use on-line entry services paper entries can still be sent to the ShowSecretary.
When an exhibitor enters a show via Arena Print it is automatically saved in a secure database. Exhibitors can quickly and easily enter their own
information online for your event. When an animal has been entered into an event, we automatically send confirmation back to the exhibitor, unless
the entry is marked “incomplete” and then we will request the information required before the entry will be accepted. Making sure you
receive entry fees is a critical component of the system, so we use Stripe a recognised secure payment processing system, the personal information is safe and exhibitors can submit payment using any credit or debit card.
Once all the entries have been processed by Arena Print an invoice will be raised for the Club's printing expenditure and any funds we have collected via Paypal will be deducted from our bill and the remainder paid direct into the Club's bank account or an invoice will be sent to the Club for the outstanding amount due to ourselves if the online payments do not cover the printing bill.
We are able provide various reports for your Club, eg. list of prepaid catalogues, membership subscriptions paid, menu choices, list of those
entered online giving the exhibitor's name and address, name of dog and the class(s) the dog has been entered in and the amount of money paid,
and another list of all the exhibitors names and addresses and their dogs
which combine the online and the paper entries.